Hugs and Slugs

Hugs win four to two…

HUGS to all the generous Nelson businesses that contributed to the Ryan Tapp Memorial Bursary Fundraiser silent auction. (Editor’s note: we mistakenly listed this hug as a slug in the print edition. We have apologized to the person who submitted it, and will be running a correction in the next print edition, with another apology.)

HUGS to the young couple walking along Baker Street and picking up the garbage.

HUGS to the cast, crew and all involved in the stage production of Steel Magnolias.

HUGS to the good corporate citizen who took back their styrofoam for recycling after it was found in an abandoned old dock polluting West Arm beaches.

SLUGS to those that leave “Free Stuff” on the side of the road. An eye sore and nobody wants your junk.

SLUGS to all those pedestrians that walk on the wrong side of the road.