The L.V. Rogers concert band, led by Tim Bullen, recently took home medals from the Whistler Con Brio Music Festival. Photos courtesy of L.V. Rogers

L.V. Rogers bands wow in Whistler

L.V. Rogers musicians take home awards for musical prowess

Tim Bullen is feeling pretty proud these days.

The L.V. Rogers band teacher recently travelled to the Whistler Con Brio Music Festival with a bus full of student musicians, grades 9 through 12, from his concert and jazz band.

They’ve since returned with a gold and silver rating, respectively.

“This festival drew 45 schools to it this year, with the furthest attending from Florida,” Bullen told the Star.

“Although Con Brio is non-competitive, bands are judged by adjudicators to the same performance criteria as used by many other festivals, including nationals.”

Exceptional performances came from clarinetist Lucas Alexander, bass clarinetist and tenor saxophonist Soren Hvengaard and trombonist Noah Gaffran.

“The festival is unique in that it closes with a mass band performance before everyone leaves for home,” Bullen said.

“Students rehearse two pieces for mass performance prior to arrival, then it is all put together on the Sunday morning. An 800-piece band — what a sound!”