PHOTOS: To Izu-shi and back

A look at the Nelson delegation’s trip to Izu-shi, Japan

A delegation of 15 people travelled from Nelson to Izu-Shi, Japan, in March to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the cities’ relationship. Malcolm Fitz-Earle, a member of the Nelson Izu-Shi Friendship Society, had his camera handy during the trip and was happy to share his photos with the Star.


The delegation’s first stop was to the Canadian embassy in Tokyo. They were greeted by Martial Page, the deputy head of mission (right of Mayor Deb Kozak), counsellor of public affairs Patricia Ockwell (peaking out to the left of counsellor Anna Purcell) and Canadian defence attache Capt. Chris Dickinson (right of Purcell). (Photo: Malcolm Fitz-Earle)

Ronnie White and MiraBelle Kolmel in the ‘Izu Dancer’ Japan Railway train en route from Tokyo to Izu City. Both are Grade 9 students at L.V. Rogers. (Photo: Malcolm Fitz-Earle)

The delegation members had a brief initiation to Zen meditation from the abbot of Shuzenji Temple. (Photo: Malcolm Fitz-Earle)

A tea ceremony was led by the tea master associated with the Shuzenji temple. (Photo: Malcolm Fitz-Earle)

The members also received a sweet cake, prior to receiving the macha green tea. (Photo: Malcolm Fitz-Earle)

Young friends from Nelson and Izu City at the summit of Daruma yama, the highest point in the vicinity of Izu City. On a clear day one can see Mt. Fuji, but not on this day. (Photo: Malcolm Fitz-Earle)

Delegation members June Spearman (foreground) and Matthew Spearman (left) try their hands at Taiko drumming under the direction of energetic students from Izu Sogo High School. (Photo: Malcolm Fitz-Earle)

A member of the Izu Sogo High School Kyudo (Japanese archery) club, who gave the delegation a lesson in kata (form) and application (shooting at targets). (Photo: Malcolm Fitz-Earle)

(L-R) Yumi of the Izu City Association for Friendship Relations helped to dress city counsellor Anna Purcell and Grace Nakano in kimono. (Photo: Malcolm Fitz-Earle)

City counsellor Anna Purcell (left) and Shoko Armstrong (centre) show off items available at the Nelson Izu-shi Friendship Society booth at a Saturday morning market, with a display of local products from Nelson and a chance for visitors to sample teas, coffee and chocolate from our region. The non-consumables and an album, with greetings from Nelson area residents and photos from Nelson assembled by Grace Devaux, were donated to the Izu City Association for Friendship Relations. (Photo: Malcolm Fitz-Earle)

Mayor Deb Kozak presented a gift to Yutaka Kikuchi, Mayor of Izu City, at the farewell party for the delegation held at the City Hall of Izu City. (Photo: Malcolm Fitz-Earle)