The entrance mural to Rosemont Elementary has seen better days. Photo: Will Johnson

VIDEO: Rosemont Elementary seeks muralist

Principal Tim Mushumanski is looking for artist partner in the community

It needs a little TLC.

Rosemont Elementary’s Tim Mushumanski isn’t sure how old their entrance mural is, but he knows it’s seen better days. That’s why he’s looking for an artist in the community that’s willing to partner with the school in giving it a makeover.

The current mural incorporates “The 4 Cs”, each of them standing for a different value, but it’s out of date: they’ve since tweaked one of the Cs from “courtesy” to “creativity”. But they’re not even sure whether they’ll retain the Cs at all, or if they’ll try something completely new.

“It really needs a loving tender touch,” said Mushumanski.

“We know what a vibrant art community is out there, so we know someone’s out there dying to help us.”

Mushumanski aspires to create “something that’s got our kids hands in creating it, and shows what Rosemont is all about.”