EDITORIAL: Too many deaths

This year there seems to have been a higher than normal number of missing persons reports, many ending tragically.

  • Jul 1st, 2014

EDITORIAL: Wildlife woes

Nelson residents have had some close encounters with wildlife in the past few days.

  • Jun 10th, 2014

EDITORIAL: Compensate all Johnsons Landing owners

How much are Johnsons Landing property owners supposed to take?

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        Indigenous grandmother tells the story of raising her grandchildren while poor

          EDITORIAL: Crunching numbers

          Black Press papers in the West Kootenay decided to join forces to bring a more complete picture to the financial statements.

          • Jul 30th, 2014

          EDITORIAL: Heroic efforts

          The pilot owes his life to the brave people who rushed to the flaming wreckage and managed to pull him to safety.

          • Sep 2nd, 2014

          EDITORIAL: More the merrier

          There are more candidates just waiting to announce their intentions to run for council.

          • Aug 19th, 2014

          EDITORIAL: Parents’ dilemma

          The ongoing labour strife between the province and its teachers has basically put the students’ futures on hold.

          • Aug 26th, 2014

          EDITORIAL: Welcome, Shambhala festival-goers

          The annual Shambahla Music Festival is upon us this weekend. The Star has been on record for several years as an unabashed supporter.

          EDITORIAL: Election coverage

          Elections are both a boon and a curse to the newsroom and coverage is a double-edged sword.

          • Nov 6th, 2014

          EDITORIAL: The most important election

          While federal and provincial elections seem to get all the glory, local elections actually have the most impact on the common person’s life.

          • Oct 8th, 2014

          EDITORIAL: Value for money

          Overall the total compensation paid to the mayor and six councillors would rise from $146,000 per year to $148,000.

          • Sep 9th, 2014

          EDITORIAL: Where’s the logic?

          With students returning to school this week, we wonder why Friday will be a day off for the kids.

          • Sep 23rd, 2014

          EDITORIAL: A conundrum over the co-op

          It gives us no pleasure to report today on the internal problems of the Kootenay Co-op board.

          EDITORIAL: Disgraced cop must go

          Cst. Drew Turner is a disgrace to the Nelson Police Department and should be fired forthwith.

          EDITORIAL: Hail to the rescuers

          As with any recreational activity, there are some risks involved.

          • Dec 17th, 2014

          EDITORIAL: Holiday giving

          This is the time when many charitable organizations collect the majority of their donations.

          • Nov 25th, 2014

          EDITORIAL: Remember to vote

          It seems fitting to be going to the polls now, considering on Tuesday we were all paying homage to those who have fallen in battle.

          • Nov 12th, 2014

          EDITORIAL: Spending choices

          For the record, we agree with SD #8 choice. As far as we’re concerned, it’s good fiscal policy.

          • Jan 21st, 2015

          EDITORIAL: Time to move forward

          Now that the final votes have been cast, tallied and announced, it’s time for municipalities and rural areas to get back to business.

          • Nov 18th, 2014

          EDITORIAL: From Nelson to Quebec City and back again

          Why the Quebec mosque shooting matters here.