LETTER: CBC and Climate Change

From reader Ron Robinson

Now that CBC (BC) is hosting the Johanna Wagstaffe series on climate change, does that mean climate change is real?

Does this well produced and documented series suggest that the science from the 1980s really did see this coming?

For me, the series suggests that the understanding of climate change has now been very publicly acknowledged.

I am now waiting to hear if the same understanding will be acknowledged by the federal and all provincial governments.

Knowledge is only the first step. Using knowledge as a basis for effective policy must be the next step.

Included is the notion that the electorate must also understand and support that same knowledge as a basis for effective climate policy.

This would include an intelligent transition toward those economic / political models that will help us move away from those practices that are understood to be the root cause of our climate change problem. Thank you Johanna Wagstaffe.

Ron Robinson