LETTER: City council, plan for affordable housing

From reader June Hamling

  • May 5th, 2017

LETTER: Ode to Nelson’s Potholes

From reader Patrick O’Neil…

  • May 3rd, 2017

LETTER: Repaint the Big Pink Bridge

From reader Tim Allen…

  • May 4th, 2017
Eating Bugs with Jason Malloff
    'She is a tough cookie,' says husband of found Coquitlam dog walker
      Packaging that won't 'entice' youth among feds' marijuana proposals
        Indigenous grandmother tells the story of raising her grandchildren while poor

          LETTER: No mention of climate change in all candidates forum

          From reader John Alton…

          • May 3rd, 2017

          LETTER: Vote strategically for the Greens

          From reader Andy Shadrack

          • May 2nd, 2017

          LETTER: Why I’m voting for Mungall

          From reader Gary Ockenden

          • May 3rd, 2017

          LETTER: Make West Kootenay motorcycle noise an election issue

          From reader Terry Lowrey….

          • Apr 30th, 2017

          LETTER: John Paolozzi is wrong about affordable housing

          From city councillor Michael Dailly

          • Apr 28th, 2017

          LETTER: For Greens, the moral high ground is easy

          From reader Allison Hutchinson…

          • Apr 26th, 2017

          LETTER: Federal Liberal candidate supports Nelson-Creston Greens

          Don Johnston says he’s voting for Kim Charlesworth

          • Apr 27th, 2017

          LETTER: Kudos and criticism

          Reader P’nina Shames takes the Star to task…

          • Apr 27th, 2017

          LETTER: Make raw log exports a Nelson-Creston election issue

          Reader Rod Retzlaff: “It’s time to play hardball with our softwood.”

          • Apr 27th, 2017

          LETTER: Why is Nelson shut out of the Better at Home program?

          Reader Joan Reichardt wants Better and Home to be an election issue.

          • Apr 27th, 2017

          LETTER: Canada spends $28 billion per year on military

          From reader Hannah Hadikin….

          • Apr 26th, 2017

          LETTER: Lake of the Hanging Glacier

          From reader Rowena Eloise

          • Apr 23rd, 2017

          LETTER: Candidates, how would you reform the court system?

          From reader Gerry Sobie

          • Apr 22nd, 2017

          LETTER: An alternative vision of World War II

          From reader Rod Retzlaff

          • Apr 22nd, 2017

          LETTER: Don’t impede short-term rentals

          From Ontario reader Angela Hunter

          • Nov 16th, 2016