Search for missing Nelson teacher set to continue

Search and rescue teams plan to complete search of Crawford Creek on Monday or Tuesday

The search for Alvin Dunic continues.

According to West Kootenay Public Information Officer Chris Armstrong, teams will be returning to Crawford Creek to complete a search for the popular 57-year-old school teacher, who has been missing since midday Monday, May 29.

“We are looking for a significant change in water levels to allow us to search areas unacceptable at this time,” Armstrong told the Star on Wednesday.

“We plan on getting in the river next week, Monday or Tuesday.”

So far, there has been no evidence discovered other than Dunic’s car — no signs of an animal attack, a fall, or anything else. That has led some community members to wonder if there are other possibilities about where he’s gone.

On Tuesday, Dunic’s wife Teeka Ferguson posted a message to him on her Facebook wall.

“Missing you is painful. Your daughters need you,” she wrote.

“Please everyone keep your eyes peeled and report possible sightings. We’ve had a couple in the Cranbrook area and the police and I will be following up.”

She’s not giving up hope.

“Thus far the leads haven’t led us to Alvin. The police are investigating all possibilities and following all leads. We want to encourage people to keep an eye out, share his photo, and report any information that might be relevant as soon as possible. I am doing everything in my power to get this search to go national.”