City council has placed a two-hour limit on disabled parking stalls. Photo: Tyler Harper

Time limit placed on disabled parking

Drivers can now use disabled stalls for only two hours

Nelson’s disabled parking stalls are now limited to two hours of use.

That change was voted on by city council Monday after they heard complaints from residents that disabled stalls were being hogged by drivers who were leaving their cars parked throughout the day.

The amendment to the Traffic Control Bylaw had initially included the removal of an exemption that allowed disabled permit holders to also park for free in metered stalls. But after a vote on the amendment failed last week, council limited the change to just the disabled stalls’ time limit.

“We have more than five [disabled] people in the community,” said Mayor Deb Kozak. “We wanted to make sure it was equal access for anyone needing those spots.”

Michael Dailly was the only councillor to vote against the amendment.

The amendment also allows for the drivers to start using the new parking kiosk located at Baker and Hall Streets. The kiosk, which cost $14,000, was made operational earlier this month, but city council required the amendment to pass before bylaw officers could enforce the kiosk’s use.

Kozak said the city has also hired an ambassador to help drivers use the kiosk, which services the 400 and 500 blocks of Hall Street that are currently without meters.

“We’re excited about that option for people,” she said. “It makes it more convenient for folks to access parking meters and we’ll see how this rolls out as well.”

The city estimates the kiosk will provide $25,000 annual revenue.