Letter: Council, pay attention to letter from downtown businesses

From reader K. Hawes…

This well composed letter (back page ad May 5) most accurately describes the present problem that exists in the downtown Nelson area.

On the rare occasions that I am now obligated to venture into the the downtown core I find parking very difficult to locate and the sidewalk obstacle course with the shiftless young mooches and their dogs, a serious reason to stay away from the area.

We used to frequent downtown quite regularly. The real buskers who provide an entertaining exchange for their coins are not a problem, but the ongoing drug dealing is a blatant, and offensive spectacle that the police should have controlled long ago.

As are the people who do not wish to do anything at all for their income.

The free lunch crowd who obstruct, intimidate, and expect some recognition of their “rights” that they have not earned and should not be given.

I see in this same issue of the Nelson Star that parking rates and bus fares are going up.

A perceived necessity by a city council who can not handle the problems that would generate enough money to avoid taxing the actual workers who attend this area.

Any commercial area in a city is either expanding and contributing to the survival of the whole, or contracting and dwindling away.

Nelson downtown sector needs a completely different mindset than is presently provided by a failing council and police department. Read the back page letter in Friday’s May 5 edition over many times, and apply the solution…quickly!

K. Hawes