LETTER: Banner didn’t discriminate

I fail to see how the Respect Human Life banner on Baker St. is discriminatory, offensive or shaming.

This banner on Baker St. has stirred up controversy from those who objected to it

Re: “Banner is discriminatory and offensive”

In reference to the letter regarding the Respect Human Life banner on Baker St., I fail to see how this banner is discriminatory, offensive or shaming. Certainly I understand that every interest group hopes that others will agree with their position, but we live in a pluralistic society and other views on a subject do not make those views discriminatory.

Many groups have raised awareness and gained rights by working to have their position accepted by society, including the signatory groups of the letter. When we do not allow others with differing viewpoints to express them, we become an intolerant society. I don’t think that is what our community wants.

The noted letter advocates for a different approach to the conversation. I agree. At very least our government leaders need to have the conversation, but none seem willing to do so. Regarding “no one wants to live in fear of judgment,” I also agree with this, but it seems those who support a respect for human life view are judged and branded as fanatics. No one wants to be branded, especially when the aim is to elevate awareness of the intrinsic value of human life.

I hope city council keeps all the banners that go up on Baker St., including “Respect Human Life.” We are a vibrant community because we can live in peace with differing points of view.

Bernie Zimmer, Nelson