EcoSociety markets director Jesse Woodward with the Cottonwood Market stalls which are being taken down this week.

LETTER: Market demolition needed better public process

I find it very sad that the market buildings are to be demolished and that residents did not get to participate in the decision.

Re: “Cottonwood Market stalls to be torn down next week”

find it sad that the market buildings are demolished and I’m having a hard time with the fact residents did not get toparticipate in the decision. I understand that city staff made that call, and that our present city council has not discussednor voted on this, although they have signed off on it.

The buildings where said to be unsightly, end of life, and falling apart, yet I see none of that except the need for a new roofand a few smaller improvements.

I understand there is a plan to construct new shelters in the park and the present market property will be “developed.”

I am happy that city council has committed to supporting the creation of new market shelters but I for one have a differentvision. I’d much prefer to preserve the green space at Cottonwood Park and see a community hall built on the present site. Ifeel we could use a nice public hall in town and if it was designed with lots of glass doors, windows and skylights it wouldbe an amazing year round venue for the farmers market as well as for dances, weddings and events.

In addition, I understand we will be having a public planning process for Railtown soon, and I wonder why the city staff andcouncil has chosen to make plans and take action ahead of that process. I understand that the (10-year-old) waterfrontplan calls for housing in Railtown but that’s hardly a mandate for building housing on that particular lot right beside thepark.

In closing I’d love for everyone to get a chance to create and vision together from a blank canvas and if you feel similarly I’dappreciate you let your views be known.

Peace to all!

John Alton, Nelson