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LETTER: Other spiritual paths are valid too

From reader Ralph Friesen…

In the June 30 edition of the Nelson Star, Pastor Jeff Strong of the Nelson Covenant Church published an ad, concluding with the sentence, “Only Christianity offers the transforming power that emerges when both dust and gold are carried in our hearts.”

In other words, only Christianity, or Strong’s version of it, recognizes humanity’s brokenness, while also recognizing that we are divinely forgiven and divinely loved. I don’t think this is true.

I think other spiritual paths encompass essentially the same understanding.

Even if they didn’t, though, why is it necessary for evangelical Christian spokespersons to insist on the exclusiveness of their way, thereby explicitly or implicitly devaluing the wisdom of other traditions?

Just relax. It’s OK if you’re not the only ones who are right.

Ralph Friesen