LETTER: Trudeau insults us

From reader Ann Remnant…

Whatever your view is on electoral reform in Canada, the bigger issue is that a silver tongued Justin Trudeau who asked for our trust, who promised us a government that would listen to Canadians, who promised an end to draconian austere governance, has just twisted the knife.

That he betrayed us on February 1 by dropping his oft-repeated promise to end FPTP and make every vote count is still unbelievable.

That he broke his promise, offering up weak excuses which neither he nor the Liberal MPs believed, not to mention the thousands of engaged Canadians, is insulting. That he now admits to us that he never intended to go forward with any system other than his favorite is numbing.

How can you stand bald-faced in front of millions of people who trusted you and say it was all a ruse, a nice little game you call open and transparent government? You may feel better after your little confession, but I am piping angry.

Ann Remnant

Fair Vote Canada, Kootenay leader