LETTER: Let’s free ourselves of plastic water bottles in Nelson

From reader Sandra Hartline

I would like to thank the City of Nelson for installing a drinking fountain and faucet to provide drinks and to fill up water bottles at the intersection of Baker and Hall Streets, very useful on a hot September day such as we experienced at the recent Pride Parade. Kudos also go to the Kootenay Co-op for providing large containers of water with spigots and cups for drinking.

Unfortunately plastic water bottles were also offered at the parade by a local grocery store.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we had a plastic water bottle free policy for all public events in Nelson, such as at street dances, parades and Marketfest?

Plastic water bottles are not really recyclable, build up in landfills, show up in oceans and pollute the planet. Grocery stores, restaurants and theatres could all contribute to this environmentally sustainable policy by only providing large containers of water with spigots and reusable glasses for public events. Attendees should also get into the habit of providing their own reusable water bottles or cups.

Surely as a community we can do no less.

Sandra Hartline