Slugs beat hugs 6-2 this week

Check out what people are talking about in this week's Hugs and Slugs.

HUGS. Big warm cozy hugs to the kind lady for her assistance and her adorable dog who snuggled up to me at my mishap on the Pulpit Trail. I didn’t have a chance to thank you.


SLUGS. To hoarders who live in complexes with other residents, your place is so full of useless stuff you can hardly move in your own space. This causes a danger to the rest of us. Just ask the Fire Department, it’s deadly – Think about it.


SLUGS. To the women who took my $13 worth of gas on Sunday, October 13 at the Superstore while I was still inside paying for it. Where are the security cams when you need them?


SLUGS. Slugs to me for being a drunken idiot on Reggae night. Truly Humbled


HUGS. Hugs to the Spirtbar staff and Nelson City Police for handling the irrational situation in a polite and professional manner. Not happening again…


SLUGS. To the brazen early morning beggar who is always too much in your face. Tone it down, will you?


SLUGS. Umm, really get some dog manners people. I had no idea that your big “friendly” dog is supposed to be a good idea for me and my tiny dog.  We get frightened and not everyone even likes dogs. Have leashes and bags with you and when you see another dog, please leash yours. It’s not free-range dogs; the town streets, beautiful trails and my yard are not your farm. While I know this line of thinking and have heard it a million times – Don’t worry, he’s friendly – is not cool. Please keep your dogs from running the streets of Kaslo so you owners know where they poop. I pick it up which is OK but it’s not your farm. It’s our home too. Everyone should feel comfortable and safe – not sketched out. Thank you.


HUGS. Huge hugs to the Nelson Rec Centre staff for being wonderful caregivers when I was so ill in the family change room. Your insistence that I go to Emergency saved me from becoming very ill indeed. You are all awesome!

– Grateful swimmer


SLUGS. To the Nelson Parks board for their lack of care of the baseball field at Queen E park. This is the only field within 50 miles of here, and there are six foot high bushes/weeds with inch-long thorns growing on what is in bounds, and part of the actual playing surface.