Intergalactic Skating

The Nelson Skating Club held its year-end show Saturday

The Nelson Skating Club lifted off at its year-end show.

Local skaters performed various sci-fi themed numbers during Stars of the Galaxy on Saturday at the Nelson and District Community Complex. Scroll down for video and photos of the stellar show.


Nelson’s Naomi Lee performs to music from Downton Abbey. (Photo: Tyler Harper)

Isabella Kroker Kimber prepares for a skate to music from Battlestar Galactica. (Photo: Tyler Harper)

(L-R) Hazel MacKay, Mila Anderson and Mia Schroeder woke up the Force. (Photo: Tyler Harper)

(L-R) Maria Beninger, Hannah Drysdale and Christian Makortoff were among the skaters awarded medals at the end of the show. (Photo: Tyler Harper)

Shantalla Hill gives Mason Fox a hand as one of several purple people eaters putting a scare into the crowd. (Photo: Tyler Harper)

Hannah Corven had a sassy performance set to ‘Milord’ by Edith Pilaf. (Photo: Tyler Harper)

Ceili Kooznetsoff wows spectators with a skate to the Harry Potter movie theme. (Photo: Tyler Harper)