Ulysse Homier poses with two gold medals he won at in Florida. Photo submitted

Nelson martial arts school brings home awards

Dean Siminoff, Dave Laramee and Ulysse Homier were recognized at an event in Florida

Kootenay Martial Arts received special recognition for excellence in taekwondo at the recent United States Chung Do Kwan National Competition in Daytona Beach, Fla.

Travelling along with Master Dean Siminoff was Master Dave Laramee and one of their top students Ulysse Homier, who took home two gold medals for sparring and poomse in his division at the July event.

Kootenay Martial Arts is a long-time member of the United States Chungdo Kwan Association, one of the oldest of its kind in the world. It recently celebrated its 50th year.

Siminoff, a sixth Dan black belt and chief international instructor, received special accolades from ninth Dan senior grandmaster Brenda J Sell, the Kwan Jang of the association.

Siminoff and Laramee were also admitted into the USCDKA Hall of Fame during the ceremonies; Siminoff for the 20-year lifetime achievement and loyalty award for outstanding taekwondo ministry, while Laramee received the 10-year longevity loyalty award.

The USCDKA was founded by senior grandmaster Ed B. Sell in 1967. Sadly Sell passed away three years ago, but his legacy lives on through grandmaster Brenda Sell and the association. Brenda Sell will be in Nelson for the Sept. 28 black belt exams for Kootenay Martial Arts at Trafalgar Middle School’s gymnasium, which starts at 1:15 p.m.

KMA has experienced tremendous growth over its 15-year history in Nelson and is excited to announce that it will be moving into a new, state of the art, training facility in October this year.

KMA is also recognized globally as a ‘justice school’ and was recently featured in July’s edition of the international publication Tae Kwon Do Times magazine. With its three locations in Nelson, Junction and Castlegar, KMA is also a member of Sport BC and TKD Canada.