Nelson Youth Soccer gets a new view

The soccer association adds tool to help with video review

Trevor Rimmer loves playing with Nelson Youth Soccer’s new toy.

Rimmer is the one of the association’s rep directors and also the unofficial gatekeeper of the Hi-Pod, an extendable rig that can put a camera up to seven metres into the air to film games.

The Hi-Pod was purchased and arrived late last season following a suggestion by technical director Brett Adams. Rimmer, who is teaching teams how to use the device, thinks having game footage shot from a broadcast perspective will do wonders for player development.

“You can be told all the time this is going on, but until you’re being shown that you are doing mistakes or you’re doing things extremely well, this is the tool for it,” he said.

The Hi-Pod is being used by NYS’s 12 rep teams. After a game, Adams will review the film and go over it with coaches and players.

Rimmer said there are also plans to eventually use the video as part of player’s post-secondary applications.

The Hi-Pod, he said, is just another step NYS is taking to grow the game locally.

“We’re the soccer mecca of this corner of the province,” he said. “We have an indoor facility, we have this camera, [and with] our technology we’re trying to get to where higher-end clubs are. This is just another tool to add to that.”


This Hi-Pod can stretch up to over seven metres, which gives coaches a big view of the field to review after games. Photo: Tyler Harper