Anne DeGrace

COLUMN: Glorious and Free and O! so Literary

Books that make us Canadian...

Dim the lights, cue the brilliance

A new installment in Anne DeGrace's mini-series on writers at the Elephant Mountain Literary Festival.

Gambling on a Home Remedy

An Elephant Mountain Literary Festival Mini-series

COLUMN: Befriending your inner coziness

All the reasons why you should befriend the library. Some of them might surprise you, says columnist Anne DeGrace.

COLUMN: Literary intersections and other miracles

Our columnist Anne DeGrace is happy that Novelist Kate Pullinger will be in Nelson for the Elephant Mountain Literary Festival soon.

COLUMN: Star power — right here and everywhere

Anne DeGrace on the delights of the Elephant Mountain Literary Festival, coming up soon.

COLUMN: If I had a hammer …

Library columnist Anne DeGrace on how to do almost anything.

COLUMN: Shhhh! Superhero action figures at your library

"Librarians don’t exactly sit around reading, and your library-social hub of the community-has a hard time staying quiet," writes DeGrace.

COLUMN: Serious deliciousness at your library

New book Pairings features 21 Nelson chefs and plenty of good eats.

COLUMN: Little Free libraries take over the world

Staff member Melodie Rae Storey doesn’t leave the library behind when she goes home. That’s because she has her own library.

COLUMN: Poetic deliciousness at your library

"Poetry is as accessible as an apple, no matter what you may have been lead to believe about poetic hifalutin-ness."-- Anne DeGrace

COLUMN: What Mrs. Tiggywinkle knows

The Nelson Library invites you to the Kid-sized Book Sale on April 11.

COLUMN: Getting the buzz at the Nelson library

Nelson folks could be forgiven for thinking spring is upon us. I’ve been wearing shoes — shoes! — and I live in snowy Bonnington.

Column: Mirror, mirror: Self-publishing and you

The publishing industry has been on its ear for some time. Upheavals in bookselling have shaken up sales.

LIBRARY COLUMN: ‘A’ stands for Ausfahrt

It also stands for a whole bunch of other cool words.

COLUMN: May All Be Read, a diet for the new year

Anything is possible in the random and serendipitous distribution of books.

COLUMN: A serious case of elves 2

’Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the house folks were piling in to see The Hobbit.

COLUMN: A serious case of elves

And so ’twas the week before Christmas, and all through the Library not an elf was stirring—because they all had their noses in books.

COLUMN: Take the time to spend time together

Anne DeGrace writes warmly about being fuzzily home for the holidays.

COLUMN: Season of living generously

As the book reveals, giving to good causes is not always straightforward. There are political and ethical questions.