Anne DeGrace

COLUMN: Love, uncomplicated at your theatre

Royal Opera House’s la Traviata comes to the big screen on Monday, December 1 at 7 p.m. (note date change) in all its warmth and splendour.

COLUMN: Cure for what ails you

Flu and cold season is upon us. Time to stock up on Kleenex and vitamin C, oil of oregano or hot lemon or whatever your cure —and books.

COLUMN: Non-instant gratification at your community theatre

Some things are just worth waiting for: your birthday. Christmas. The birth of a child/grandchild/puppies.

COLUMN: Wallowing in the written word

For the last few years we’ve hosted NaNoWriMo each November.

COLUMN: A varied, talented board

Ann DeGrace introduces the Nelson Civic Theatre Society board with their experience and their favourite movies.

COLUMN: Movers, shakers and the undead

Nelson's first zombie walk is set for October 25.

COLUMN: Trash, treasure, magpies — and more

The annual Friends of the Nelson Library book sale is a perfect opportunity to embrace your inner magpie.

COLUMN: Edge of your seat action

“Catch a Glimpse of the Future,” says the poster in the Civic Theatre lobby.

COLUMN: Blood, guts, and the History of the Library

It’s The Story of the Nelson Public Library, 1986 – 2013 by Eileen Holland. And it’s launching Thursday, October 2

COLUMN: Double your fun

The Civic Theatre is getting into the pairing thing with a new dinner-and-a-movie initiative.

COLUMN: To the readers of the future: A message of hope

Who hasn’t hidden a message under some floorboards or in a hollow tree, wondering: who, in the future, will read this?

COLUMN: How to be a virtual sponge

The new collaboration between the Capitol and Civic Theatres opens up a cultural world for us to enjoy here at home.

COLUMN: Parting with the puppies

Now, the Summer Reading Club is over, doggone it. I asked Hannah and Becca how they got to be so darned cute.

COLUMN: Collaboration between Civic and Capitol

The Capitol offers film, and the Civic has seen the footlights come up, too.

COLUMN: Finding the next big thrill(er)

We love to be scared, especially when fear is vicariously enjoyed, an antidote to the mundanity of the day-to-day.

A day in the life of a juggler, er, theatre manager

When I was in my 20s I dated a juggler. He could keep anything in the air: balls, clubs, machetes.

COLUMN: Solving the mystery of the next great read

Folks who love mysteries grew up chasing clues with Sherlock Holmes and Miss Marple before graduating to Inspector Morse and Kay Scarpetta.

COLUMN: Are we cool or what?

Getting cool is not as easy as dropping an air conditioning unit on the roof and plugging it in.

COLUMN: Charmed, I’m sure!

Goodhearted souls have forever sought a Prince or Princess Charming to carry them off into a fairy tale ending.

COLUMN: Happy all the time: Fogies, snappers, and simians too

In the three-screen Civic Theatre of the future, any given week will feature fare for both, as well as something for the in-betweens.