Anne DeGrace

Gala reading features three of Canada’s best

Angie Abdou’s most recent novel, The Canterbury Trail, plays with themes from the Chaucer original

Publisher Douglas Gibson tells all

Stories of Alice Munro and more at Elephant Mountain Literary Festival.

COLUMN: A garden of words makes a great harvest

Get your calendars out for all the literary lovelies coming out starting with a poetry double header Monday, July 7 at 7 p.m. at Booksmyth.

COLUMN: Cool times for hot summer nights

Oh, summer. A bunch of friends, a warm evening, the biggest bag of popcorn you can share, and the latest blockbuster.

COLUMN: Why did the kid go to the library?

The Summer Reading Club is all about summer activities, and reading logs for the happily bookish.

COLUMN: From empty box to big screen

When I stood in the middle of the big, dusty, empty box that was the Civic Theatre in the summer of 2012, I could feel it:

COLUMN: Have map will travel

Write what you know becomes write where you know with the Toronto Public Library’s Reading Map.

COLUMN: Where the first date never ends

Members get to have a say at the AGM and to be a part of a true celebration of community.

COLUMN: From Oprah to OBOK

Book clubs are made up of all sorts of people, meet in all sorts of places, imbibe in all sorts of libations, and oh, yes! Books.

COLUMN: Celebrating Nelson’s finest

I eventually came to realize that law enforcement was an equal opportunity career.

COLUMN: Taking off into the deep blue sky

Nelson Civic Theatre’s Roger Ley is a blue sky guy, beginning with the inaugural can-we-save-the-Civic meeting in April 2012.

COLUMN: Cure for the financially squeamish

I’m guilty of having embraced the artist mentality most of my adult life, money is something I’d just rather not think about it.

COLUMN: All the right ingredients

For the most part, community use of the Civic Theatre is restricted to daytimes and to Monday and Wednesday evenings.

COLUMN: In honour of poetry month

In honour of National Poetry Month, I put on my poetry cloak and wrote a Shakespearean sonnet. Are you ready? Here goes:

COLUMN: Spinning gold into gold

This is a group of imaginative people who can spin an idea into a reality like straw into gold.

COLUMN: A sleepless night at the library

The Nelson Library has a number of books and resources to help with insomnia.

COLUMN: The babysitter and the big screen

Sarah Allen will be in Nelson to open a special screening of the Bruce MacDonald film 'The Husband' on March 19, in which she stars.

LIBRARY COLUMN: More than kittens at this petting zoo

The Nelson Public Library has embraced the notion of gentle things that byte (but don’t bite) with our new Technology Petting Zoo.

COLUMN: Catcher in the Rye meets The Bible

The right for certain books to exist on one shelf or another is challenged all the time.

COLUMN: Indelible memory-making on the red carpet

Nelson folks love their movies, and they love to dress up, too — as evidenced by the Klingons or all those fishnet stockings.