Donna Macdonald

Thinking in sets of threes

They say things happen in threes – sneezes, mishaps, coincidences. Well, three years ago I was thinking about a couple of threes — another three-year term on council and three particular issues I had in mind.


Teasing out the transit tangle

Politicians like getting positive feedback about their decisions. But the feedback has been clearly negative in the case of council’s recent changes to transit services. And that’s a good thing. I’m glad people value transit.


Eating fish, pondering the future

Last week I travelled to Campbell River to visit friends (and eat fish!). As always, the trip provided a peek into other communities, a chance to see how they’re adapting to economic changes.

Alphabet soup nourishes

FCM. UBCM. AKBLG. Like any field of interest, local government has its own recipe for alphabet soup.

Around the world and back again

The past couple weeks have relentlessly drawn our attention to the world outside our Kootenay valley. Phenomenal political change (Egypt), horrific resistance to change (Libya), and then on the other side of the world, the disasters in Japan.

Solving civic puzzles

City Council has just spent two days doing a jigsaw puzzle. The theme of the puzzle — The City Budget.