Dustin Stashko

COLUMN: Tax thoughts spring forth

Councillor Janice Morrison comments on Nelson city council's focus on property taxation rates.

Radio host Dustin Stashko says goodbye to Nelson with a playlist

'Here’s a list of songs that will forever remind me of Nelson.'

How the Bush Administration helped music

Bush did a lot of horrible and unspeakable things, but there is a silver lining — he really helped the music industry.

Nelson’s Dustin Stashko lists the best songwriters of our time

People forget that every single day there’re great songs being written.

Nelson music guru raves about Stars show

I feel like it would be a disservice not to talk about how amazing Stars is live, so here we go — Stars is amazing live!

Nelson’s Dustin Stashko recommends new music for spring

So this week’s playlist is all about brand new songs for the spring that everybody seems to have their own unique opinion about.

Zeus’ covers a hit with Nelson music guru

One of the best concert t-shirts I own is from a Zeus show.

Nelson music guru picks songs he’d like played at his funeral

I don’t want people crying at my funeral. I want people to have a good time, to have a beer and share some nostalgic stories.

Nelson music guru falls for Melissa Bel

Melissa Bel’s image doesn’t matter, but her music does.

Nelson’s Dustin Stashko dedicates this playlist to great movie soundtracks

Matching a pivotal scene with a song is a tall order to fill, but when it works it sticks with you.

Nelson music guru raves about new Rah Rah album

They sing about drinking too much, missing home and losing the ones you love. If you can’t relate to that you’re probably a robot.

Hayden CD brings back memories for Nelson music guru

With beautiful Lo-Fi/Folk sounds, and his nearly two decade spanning career, Hayden carved out his own musical niche.

Nelson’s Dustin Stashko dedicates this playlist to his ‘93 Sunbird

I drove this car to its last legs. After owning it for nearly two years, it gave me 20,000 km.

Mint Julep CD review: ‘Modern folk at its finest’

Jeremy Fisher us one of the worlds most underrated musicians. His wit and ability to turn a phrase is unlike any other.

Dustin Stashko’s playlist for hipsters

If you listen to these songs, you'll be well on your way to becoming a hipster.

Traps has dance party written all over it: Dustin Stashko

The soundtrack to your night of becoming god is from a band called Humans.

Nelson’s Dustin Stashko offers a list of songs to keep you motivated

It’s a new year, which means you probably made some new resolutions... these song’s will help you keep that positive energy up every day

Nelson’s Dustin Stashko picks the top songs of 2012

It’s also been an excellent year for music! Some artists made a come-back and some blew us away with a new sound.

Nelson’s Dustin Stashko reviews James Lamb’s latest offering

You’ll want to pay attention to some of the lyrics because there are lots of mentions of local spots.

Nelson’s Dustin Stashko suggests some good Christmas music

Contrary to popular belief, fantastic Christmas music does exist.