Stay away if you fear fun

It’s a culture immersed in graffiti, grit and elbow gashes. And that image scares people.

The music’s not over in Nelson

The current operators of The Royal music venue on Baker Street will call it quits at the end of this month

A look at the unimaginable in Nelson

Imagine for one minute that you woke up and Nelson was minus Whitewater Ski Resort

Easter in the Kootenays

This weekend the Nelson community will celebrate Easter.

Community at the core

Last week the Kootenay Lake Hospital Foundation gathered its most loyal supporters at the Hume Hotel for a special night.

Turn off, then turn on

The City of Nelson and Nelson Hydro are fully on board Earth Hour.

On the embattled Nelson waterfront

There are few patches of land in Nelson as heavily tread upon in the political arena as the former Kootenay Forest Products site

Making your dollars count

When you read nelsonstar.com this week, news of Our Daily Bread’s financial woes may have come as a surprise.

Nelson amenity area stirs passions

For such a progressive community, Nelson residents sure don’t like change. Case in point: reconfiguring the downtown amenity areas.

No doggone absolutes

If there was an easy way out of this jam, the politicians at City Hall would have taken that path many years ago.

The cost of dumb decisions

After another busy week in the backcountry around Whitewater Nelson Search and Rescue deserve our thanks.

Tone has been clearly set for Nelson Civic Theatre

The Nelson Civic Theatre Society started to build a case about why this community is once again the exception rather than the rule.

Anatomy of an economy

For many of us in the Nelson region, it’s sometimes easy to forget the backbone of our local economy.

Dogs not the only ones that make a mess in Nelson’s downtown

Nelson’s downtown dog issue is a mess in more ways than the obvious final product of a canine’s digestive system.

Nelson’s seat at the global table

Council’s motion will have very little impact on the final outcome

One big happy family

British Columbians will celebrate Family Day on Monday, the first time we get to enjoy a statutory holiday in February.

Time to give us a brake

The topic of today’s editorial might seem a little silly: parking brakes.

Is Rosemont the answer for Nelson’s outdoor skatepark?

Nelson city council will once again face an important decision about the long overdue outdoor skatepark.

The ruff get going

Seeing your name in print can be shocking. When the words on the page are not flattering, it can be disturbing.

The cart before the council

Nelson’s downtown is our greatest (human built) asset.