The passion and the patties

A sandwich thrown together more than 120 years ago that is arguably the world’s most recognizable menu item

Nelson fails the bear test

I understand that Nelson police have made large improvements in dealing with so-called problem bears.

Controlling the inevitable

Though sad, the shooting of a black bear within Nelson city limits earlier this week certainly doesn’t come as a surprise.

Safe amongst the sounds

It’s safe to say that Nelson area police officers don’t look forward to the Shambhala Music Festival.

Nelson offers hidden gems

When new duty limits came into effect on June 1, local business owners were likely a little nervous

Bad news if you’re a fish

Word that Fisheries and Oceans Canada plans to close its modest Nelson field office comes as another blow to local waterways.

Heroic effort praiseworthy

Time must stand still when you receive a call like the one Lynn Migdal got. To have two children trapped under a landslide is unimaginable.

Considering local dollars

If you’re a little confused by the idea of having a new local currency circulating through Nelson, you’re not alone.

Nelson in the political hinterland

If the federal riding boundary realignment is all about perception then it doesn’t look good for Nelson.

Documenting Nelson

One of the goals of the Nelson Star is to include the name or face of every community member in our pages each year.

Nelson’s green infrastructure

A map and framework for Nelson's green infrastructure.

The fruits of Nelson’s pride

It’s gratifying to be part of a community that comes together for a cause.

A step in the wrong direction for Nelson students

Without the measure of wisdom, patience is harder to grasp.

Search and rescue training in Nelson

A search and rescue training mission involving federal search and rescue crew from Comox and Civil Air Search and Rescue Association

Another chance to celebrate in Nelson

One of the traits that makes the Nelson area so great is the diversity of its people and their interests.

Supernatural only good for Nelson

For those who call Nelson home, it’s nothing new when this unique town receives great exposure. For some of us, that’s why we’re here..

Ending the ski season with a splash

Photo: Winter revelers gathered for the annual Slush Cup at Whitewater.

The passage of whales displayed in Nelson

It’s a love affair that first began in the south of France, but it’s a romance of a different kind.

Wiseman spreads wisdom in Nelson

Wiseman is in Nelson on April 13 as part of the Capitol Theatre season series. The show starts at 8 p.m.

Nelson protests robo-calls

Slideshow: Activists gathered at City Hall Saturday to protest voter suppression and support a public inquiry into robo-calls.