Celebrating the L words

Today’s edition is once again packed full of community news, sports and events. Though we didn’t plan it this way, two big themes jump out.

We’re in the race too

And so it begins. Every three years we are asked to choose new municipal leaders and that time has arrived.

Shambhala succeeds

With its most recent act of philanthropy, the Shambhala Music Festival has confirmed they are a vital in this community.

With success comes struggle

It’s the dark side of success. The downside of living in a beautiful town that’s a magnet for those looking to live in a community where a laid-back lifestyle is a lure.

Get into the ballot battle

The autumn rains have arrived, the leaves are changing hue and the those bold enough to face picky local voters have started to eagerly roll into City Hall with their election papers.

More than a shiny new CT

The arrival of the new CT scanner to Kootenay Lake Hospital last week was much more than a new medical toy being wheeled into the emergency room upgrade construction zone. It was a symbol of a long health care crusade and a new era of hope in the face of continued challenges.

Survey says…Nelson rules

A community newspaper is a blank canvas and the best ones let the readers paint the picture. That’s an important part of the philosophy at the Nelson Star.

Help share the gift

Next Wednesday we’re going to ask you to pay for the Nelson Star. What? Pay for a free paper? Yup.

Red Sands an important test

Mark it down as a victory for public pressure. Red Sands beach and the adjacent forest has been saved.

It’s all about our lifestyle

For new residents moving from larger centres, the lack of chain stores is sometimes a shock. Though most who pull up stakes and arrive to Nelson have a pretty good idea what they are in for, the urge to chow down on a Big Mac still remains.

The Fox that binds us

It’s during difficult times that we need heroes the most. The person who rises above adversity and inspires us to be better ourselves. An icon we can turn to for hope.

Nelson’s time to shine

Last week, mayors from across the country arrived in Nelson for three days of important meetings that will help shape the direction of municipalities in Canada. Twice a year the Federation of Canadian Municipalities holds a large gathering and Nelson provided the setting this time around.

Tough start to the school year

There was a different air hanging over the first day of school Tuesday. Though it was a brilliant September morning in Nelson, the black cloud of a labour dispute between the government and the teachers’ union took a bit of the shine off what is supposed to be an exciting day for all involved.

Seeking choice and challenge

There was a time when municipal elections in Nelson could be summed in two words: challenge and choice. Frustrated with decisions coming out of City Hall, folks took action and put their name on the ballot. Back in the Gary Exner era there were 19 choices for six council spots and five candidates took a run at the then-mayor.

School’s back, slow down

Though there’s hope for plenty of sunny days ahead in September, summer is drawing to a close. The shaky start in early July made many fret the typical Kootenay swelter would never come, but August certainly didn’t disappoint.

No winners in referendum

The people have spoken and it’s with some relief that the HST debate is over. Or is it?

Beware and care for bears

Believe it or not, bears are not like Winnie the Pooh or Yogi. They are not after honey pots and picnic baskets. But one thing the cute and cuddly cartoon bears do share with our local bears: they all get hungry.

Goodbye to the Games

Just like that, the BC Seniors Games are but a memory in West Kootenay.

Will the bands play on?

For 26 years music students from around the province converged on Nelson in the spring. The sweet sounds of junior high and high school bands could be heard throughout the city as the young musicians emerged from the cramped basement band rooms of their schools and stepped onto the big stage.

Let’s hear it for the trees

Nelson’s canopy is a gift. Mother Nature and our city’s forefathers have combined to grant us four-season splendor. Whether it’s strolling at street level or gazing from the vantage of the Gyro bluffs, it’s a little bit of extra pop that helps distinguish this community from the rest.