Gillian Wiley

COLUMN: Students unleash creative energy in 24 Hour Write

The L.V. Rogers annual 24 Hour Write gives young writers a chance to put aside homework and worries for a day and channel creativity.

COLUMN: Halloween hordes at the high school

LVR columnist Gillian Wiley on Halloween, drama teacher Robyn Sheppard, the student election, the 24 Hour Write, and the Harry Potter gala.

COLUMN: Curse of the alphabetical locker hierarchy

I’m here to bring you up to date on the happenings of L.V. Rogers high school as it kicks back into gear.

COLUMN: Another school year (almost) in the books

We did it! As June reaches its close, it is time for us all to reflect on the past year.

COLUMN: Springtime sounds and smells of high school

"When Miller requested that students take out their phones and Google their Instagram names, a collective gasp circled around the room."

COLUMN: Trigonometry, sonnets, climate change. . . and chocolate easter eggs

The Star's student columnist Gilliam Wiley reflects on life at LVR.

COLUMN: Beverage choice comes to the L.V. Rogers cafeteria

LVR columnist Gillian Wiley fills us in on healthy drinks, debate team success, and the upcoming Grad Talent Show.

COLUMN: Introducing our new L.V. Rogers columnist

I have been released into the world to wreak havoc, in the shape of a student-point-of-view column.