Judy Banfield

The many faces of homlessness in Nelson

The faces of homelessness are many, and in our community homelessness takes many forms.

Children are just like spring

I decided to write about spring because — it’s spring.

Valentine’s tips for parents

It’s the month of Valentine’s Day, a holiday created to bring a little warmth into our lives

Holiday smiles the key

Yes, it’s that time again when the magic season starts to turn into the manic season

Baby, it’s cold outside. Layer up

Tips to help Nelson parents brave the winter cold with their kids.

Getting out the front door

A friend of mine, a very competent, intelligent, organized woman was taking her new baby out for the day..

A low pressure Halloween

Most of us have wonderful memories of Halloween; the excitement of trick or treating, parties, games and way too much candy.

Hug a breastfeeding mom

The first week of October is World Breastfeeding Week in Canada. All across the country people will be celebrating all that breastfeeding offers to babies, mothers, families, communities, and our planet.

Challenges with change

It’s a new school year and for many of our kids: school, preschool, storytime, soccer, playdates, Mom’s groups and lessons have started up again. And this can be hard on everyone in the family.

Hot weather, hot tempers

What is it about summer we love so much? The warmth, the sun, the long days, the time away from work, times away from home, visits from friends and family. So much is packed into those few months, and we want them to be great.