Kerry Reed

Better days ahead for Kootenay Lake

Well another month down and another step closer to my favorite time of year.

Kootenay Lake says goodbye winter, hello spring

Well, surprisingly February turned out to be one of our busiest months on the water.

Patience will pay off on Kootenay Lake

I was hoping that our hot couple weeks of fishing at the beginning were going to be just the start.

Slow times on Kootenay Lake look to be over

The past couple months have not been as productive as I expected. However, the past couple weeks have helped make up for it.

The Fishing Report: It’s happening…

We saw some great fish for that month: Rainbow trout up to 22 Lbs. and dolly varden (bull trout) up to 16 Lbs. were being caught.

Back on the Kootenay Lake

And now we’re back on Kootenay Lake and already into the swing of things.

Spring fishing on Kootenay Lake holding on

Well summer is finally here. With the forecast calling for more sunshine, we are getting a break from the rising water levels.

Kootenay Lake temperatures perfect

May was a decent month for weather, but an even better month for fishing.

Yay! Aggressive fish ready for Kootenay Lake

Spring fishing is here! Although the weather might not indicate it.

You just never know on Kootenay Lake

Well it looks like spring is here. Or is it? The weather seems to change by the hour.

Kootenay Lake fish lazy in winter

Ok, people are asking me, “where have all the fish gone?”

Nelson’s big fish love the cold water

Winter fishing is here. What does that mean? Well, it means big fish.

Chills equal thrills

Local Nelson fishing expert Kerry Reed takes a look at how the catch is out on Kootenay Lake.

Warmer waters heat up action on Kootenay Lake

Well it’s finally here. Spring has arrived and the weather has finally given us some nice days. With the warmer weather comes warmer water. This means it’s time for the fish to become more active. Yes, it’s our favorite time of the year.

Big weekend wins new fans

Things have been going pretty good on Kootenay Lake lately. If we could only get the spring weather to kick in, we should be getting into some consistent fishing.

The peeling lines of winter on Kootenay Lake

It’s been a fun winter full of big fish.