Michelle Mungall

Never a dull moment in Victoria

The last few weeks in the Legislature can be summed up with one short phrase: BC politics remain interesting.

Reflections on time in Cuba

My husband and I recently returned from three and a half weeks in Cuba

Change is what you can make happen

Happy New Year! Time keeps rolling along and already it is 2012.

A busy fall session in the House

After two months, the fall Legislative session has wrapped up. It was a busy session

Smart meters not a bright idea

At the beginning of October, MLAs got back to work in the legislature. For the first time in a long time, we’re having a fall session.

A common sense investment

With school back in session, it is a busy time! For me, this is the time of year where I can connect with students, faculty and administrators of BC’s colleges and universities.

Sadness and inspiration

A week ago, I was glued to my TV. Jack Layton’s state funeral captured me like it did much of Canada. For me, I lost a friend, a mentor, and a hero.

HST dampens wedding day

It was bound to happen. After six years in a committed relationship, we decided to tie the knot. Marriage is a fine institution, and my new husband and I are pretty excited about it.

Why I’m voting to stop the HST

Ballots for the Harmonized Sales Tax are arriving in mailboxes. The BC Liberal government’s $7 million taxpayer-funded advertising campaign has kicked into gear on TV, radio and with a “voters’ guide” rightfully described by Independent MLA Vicki Huntington as “designed to deceive.”

Your turn on the HST

On Wednesday morning, MLAs were waiting to hear the premier’s “big” announcement on the Harmonized Sales Tax. She had hinted at a “bold move” that will “put families first” to make the HST (some call it the Hated Sales Tax) more palatable for the summer referendum.

Cherishing the right to vote

I regularly tune in to CBC Radio in the mornings. I like the world and local news broadcasts, and enjoy hearing about what’s happening in BC Southern Interior.

Turning on light bulbs

Just over a week ago, the federal Conservative government was defeated in the House of Commons. The majority of the House made an historic vote. For the first time in any Parliament in the world, a government was found in contempt for not revealing its spending decisions on a specific matter. Canada made history that day, but not for anything that we should be proud of.

Wanting to work, being denied

Once a month, I sit down in front of my laptop to write my column for the Nelson Star.

Get set for an eventful 2011

By the end of January, it can be a bit stale to say happy new year. Greetings, for the most part, have moved on to the regular hello, how’s it going and hi. But I haven’t had a chance to wish all you Nelson Star readers a happy new year, so let me take this space to say “All the best in 2011!”