Robin Cherbo

Linking to Nelson’s waterfront

The Nelson Downtown Waterfront Plan was put forward to make improvements and a direct connection from downtown to the waterfront

Explaining your annual City of Nelson tax bill

Not a very popular topic, but as most people know July is when property taxes are due.

Ways to make Nelson better

In getting ready for spring in the city, council is looking at ways to improve Nelson's downtown core.

Nelson council needs to stop wasting time on dogs

Council has a lot of issues to deal with, such as the budget, climate change and many bylaws to update.

No reason to stray for shopping

Now that the holiday season has arrived, hopefully most residents will stay home to do their shopping in Nelson.

How to deal with downloading

With winter approaching, we will be reviewing the city budget for 2013.

Letting Nelson’s downtown slide

It has been a great summer and everything seems to be going well in the City.

Council takes on tough issues

Council has dealt with a couple of controversial issues recently

Nelson’s heritage values being sacrificed

Nelson is known in BC, across Canada and internationally for the beautiful heritage buildings on Baker Street and in the downtown core.

Nelson theatre yes, downtown dogs in Nelson no

In the last few weeks, a couple of issues have come to the attention of council.

Nelson’s great parking dilemma

I will have to get up to speed on the status of our current budget discussions.

Hopping on the election bus

With many municipalities in the province having difficultly balancing budgets, Nelson is no exception. One of the budget costs overruns for the city budget of 2010 was Nelson Transit.

Towards a healthy community

Local government can step up by making government-run buildings smoke free zones like at the Nelson and District Community Complex, Robin Cherbo writes.

Suffering the slings and arrows

Whether to install water meters or not to install water meters, that is the question

Cost pressures lead to tax hike

As in previous years, we are presenting the city budget for 2011 with some cost projections into the future, a difficult process along with pressure to reduce taxes and at the same time maintain current public service levels for the city.

The Mount as a housing option

This is my first column for the Nelson Star and I want to thank editor Bob Hall and the staff for the opportunity to express my views.