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A new way to travel: Vancouver-based company opens marketplace for private flights

Airble partners with air operators for flexible air travel options
Aerial view of Kelowna. (Brittany Webster/Capital News)

A Vancouver-based company is changing the way we travel.

Airble Aviation hosts an online marketplace for people to customize their air travel plans.

Kevin Adlparvar, with Airble’s product and business development, says they are a tech company with an aviation focus.

“We’ve got 33 aircrafts on the platform so far belonging to about 12 air operators or smaller airlines, and it gives passengers access to about 300 airports in B.C.”

Individuals and groups can go onto the website and book flights with more flexibility on day and time of departure. Depending on the destination and the air operator, the type of plane can also be selected.

“We’re not brokers and we’re not air operators ourselves, what we do is offer a platform for these air operators to list their services.”

Air operators must be registered to carry passengers and sell tickets in order to be listed on Airble.

“The partnerships have been really instrumental in the development of our company and this platform. Of course, we started with our very first one who had just a single aircraft that they brought onto the platform and ever since there’s been a lot of strenuous work with the air operators to make sure this was a tool that worked for them as well.”

Not only can one book flights to more remote communities in B.C. rather than just to major airports, Airble allows companies to list flight tours.

“These tour experiences are location specific. So, we have some that are based in Pitt Meadows, we have some that are based on the Gulf Islands, some that are based in Squamish. These operators are individually uploading those air tours and we have this marketplace platform where tourists can go and see everything and book and pay instantly.”

The platform isn’t meant to be a more affordable way to travel, just different.

“The benefit that comes with a custom charter booking platform like this is going to be flexibility. While we absolutely know that chartering a jet is only for a very, very small selection of the population, in many cases regional flights are actually the same cost as what a smaller scheduled carrier would be able to provide. In addition to that, what we’re really excited about is that it’s going to give folks the chance to reach way more destinations by aircraft than otherwise available.”

Airble currently has 10 air operators in B.C., with one air operator each in Saskatchewan and Nova Scotia. The ultimate goal is to partner with operators across the country.

Learn all about the newest way to travel by air, partner as an operator, or book your next flights at

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