Bogustown's Canadian Burger competes for Nelson's Best Burger.

Bogustown's Canadian Burger competes for Nelson's Best Burger.

Bogustown offers a Canadian classic in Nelson’s Best Burger contest

Nelson's Bogustown offers up classic flavours as it competes for Nelson's Best Burger

The classic burger has become a vessel for flavours from Indian chutneys to Greek tzatziki, but while many have taken on variations of the old favourite Bogustown continues to provide the standby with consistency.

“A great burger to me is consistent, has a nice juicy patty and is filling,” said Todd Hutt owner of Bogustown Restaurant. “I also like it to be that quick and easy option where you know what you’re getting with a burger. It’s also good when you get those burger juices on your hands and it’s a bit messy.”

Bogustown along with Jackson’s Hole, The Hume Hotel, Uptown Tavern, Finley’s Pub, Bite, Relish and Kootenay Time are competing to be named Nelson’s Best Burger.

One of Bogustown’s most popular burgers is the Canadian burger with crispy bacon and aged cheddar.

“We really try to stick with the classic burger flavours by adding lettuce, tomato, and onion,” said Hutt. “For people who like some heat in their burger we add some hot banana peppers. Some people really like that zesty kick, but we can put them on the side for those who aren’t in the spice.”

The perfect burger for Hutt not only includes bacon and cheese, but also sauteed mushrooms. He said at Bogustown they can custom make any burger.

“We have add-ons to our burgers to accommodate people’s tastes,” he said. “If someone wants to add blue cheese or feta we can do that. We don’t have it all on our menu. We can even put chilli on a burger for them, and I’ll often do specials like a chilli cheese burger or a jalapeno cheese burger.”

After making burgers for years, Hutt said Bogustown prides itself on providing a consistent product.

“Bogustown has the best burger because it is consistent and satisfies your appetite every time you come in,” he said. “We’ve been serving burgers here for years and we have it down to an art. I don’t do homemade burgers patty because I’ve had issues where I’ve gone in and had a homemade patty and it’s still raw.

“Some guys come in and they can’t finish their whole meal. It’s a really good sized portion for a great price.”

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