Nelson city councillors will meet with residents during an online event Nov. 29. File photo

Nelson city councillors will meet with residents during an online event Nov. 29. File photo

Check in with Nelson city councillors on Nov. 29

Nelson at its Best, Nelson Public Library are hosting a dialogue with residents and councillors

Submitted by Nelson at its Best

Two community organizations that foster civic engagement and strong community connections, Nelson at its Best and the Nelson Public Library, present the second public check-in event with the current Nelson City Council on Nov. 29.

During the last 20 months of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have seen and heard a lot from provincial and federal levels of government, which is to be expected during a health and economic emergency, given their mandates and resources. Our local government, the closest to our daily lives in so many ways, has not been as much in the public eye, even though it has been working all throughout this period focusing on municipal priorities.

COVID made a planned 2020 council check-in event impossible, but now the organizations are back working together to provide an opportunity for the citizens of Nelson to discover more about what the ongoing city work has entailed and what it means to all of us, to ask questions and to share ideas.

The online event, which runs on Zoom from 7 to 9 p.m., will include break-out rooms in which people can interact directly with council members to discuss important issues based on the economic, social, environmental and cultural pillars of our community life.

“This kind of exchange between elected officials and citizens can be important in building trust and social cohesion in our community. There is so much distrust and cynicism afoot these days, especially related to government and institutions,” says George Chandler with Nelson at its Best. “We hope this more informal setting will allow for an honest, respectful exchange of ideas around some key municipal issues, creating a more direct connection between citizens and council.”

Please register by visiting and looking for “Check-in with Nelson City Council”, or visiting Invite your friends and neighbours to take part, and help us make this event an integral part of the annual community calendar in Nelson.