LVR students try new cafeteria drinks offered by the Kootenay Co-op.

LVR students try new cafeteria drinks offered by the Kootenay Co-op.

COLUMN: Beverage choice comes to the L.V. Rogers cafeteria

LVR columnist Gillian Wiley fills us in on healthy drinks, debate team success, and the upcoming Grad Talent Show.

Breathe a sigh of relief: I’m back with a second installment of the goings-on at L.V. Rogers Secondary, keeping you in the loop with the shenanigans at Nelson’s favourite (and only) high school.

A few members of the Debate Team have returned wise and worldly after a trip to Vancouver for the Law Foundation Cup, a provincial tournament. Days of fancy hotel rooms, gondola rides and well-funded private schools (a swimming pool? Really?) saw the Kootenays’ top debaters in a whole new league. Congrats to Trafalgar’s Lilly Hutteman and Annabel Vrba for their fourth-place finish in the novice category, and to LVR’s own Zorn Rose, Natasha Bergman and myself for making it all the way out there. Go team!

On to a more serious subject: the state of the beverage choices in our cafeteria. Ladies and gentlemen, it is a sad day when the only thing available to drink with lunch is a battered can of Diet Coca-Cola. Luckily, thanks to the Kootenay Co-op, our horizons are being broadened. Wednesday and Thursday saw the cafeteria in a buzz over a series of taste-tests for some new beverage choices. These new drinks, including Kombucha and a selection of other teas, will be much healthier than those presented to us in the past. The taste tests had students try all of the different options and rate them on a scale of one to five, to decide which ones would be most popular in the cafeteria. Who doesn’t love getting to try a selection of fizzy drinks at no charge?

Alyssa Taburiaux was a Leadership 10 student helping with the project. “I think it’ll be a really positive change,” she said. “People should be more aware of what they are drinking, and these are a lot healthier options.”

Auditions are being held for the 2015 Grad Talent Show, in which students will sing, dance, perform poetry and maybe, if we’re lucky, juggle. If you don’t know the two emcees of the event, Hayden and Alex, you’re missing out. Make sure to book the event on your calendars and come see this spontaneous real-life comedy duo. (As well as maybe some other acts.)

We all know of the frightening phenomenon sweeping the teenage population and causing so many accidents: texting while walking. The simple iPhone messaging app has given way to so many others. Snapchat. Instagram. Facebook. It seems sometimes that real interaction has been drowned in an ocean of bad grammar, emoticons and selfies. But to all those parents who worry about their children running into telephone poles; have no fear. At least they’ll have something to tweet about.