Whitewater Ski Resort has opened with plenty of new safety protocols. File photo

Whitewater Ski Resort has opened with plenty of new safety protocols. File photo

Going to Whitewater? Here’s what you need to know

All the new rules to keep you healthy and safe on the slopes

Submitted by Whitewater Ski Resort

The health and safety of guests and staff will remain the No. 1 priority at Whitewater Ski Resort, which has implemented many changes to help ensure it can remain open all season long. But we are all in this together and we need everyone’s help to make it a safe and unforgettably amazing season.

Along with all the public-facing changes including physical distancing protocols, masks being required, and increased sanitization, the resort has also implemented many changes to ensure the safety of its staff and this incredible community.

Whitewater encourages everyone to familiarize themselves with all the changes at the resort including Whitewater’s COVID-19 Safety Plan and Protocols.

Face masks are required in all operating areas unless you are two years old or younger. This means once you exit your car, or as you wait to load the lifts please ensure your face mask is on. Standing around waiting for your friends to finish their run? Put on your mask! Please remember to mask up when you approach the base area, around the lodges, as you approach the lift mazes, in lift mazes, unload areas, around the ski racks, and while riding the lifts.

Physical distancing is required anywhere that it is possible. We know high-fives and hugs are a huge part of the Whitewater community but if the person isn’t in your bubble please make sure to air five them from a safe distance. You can still have friends on a pow day, they just need to stay at least two metres away from you! Be safe and maintain your distance

Walk-ups to the bar (Coal Oil Johnny’s), Fresh Tracks Cafe, or the downstairs of the lodge are always welcome, but a reservation will ensure that you are able to sit when you want. Reservations are available online on our website. We know this is different than in years past but it allows for contact tracing and can help the resort with capacity management on the busier days.

Be kind and be patient. Please remember we’re all in this together and we’re all adjusting to the changes at the resort. We need all of our guest’s support to have a successful season. We know everyone is itching to make those early season pow turns but please listen to our staff requests, be kind to our staff and each other, be kind to anyone and everyone. Kindness and patience will go a long way in helping ensure the safety of the community while ensuring the vibe stays alive at the resort.

Updated cleaning procedures throughout the lodge and resort. Whitewater has cleaners working all day and during the night to ensure surfaces are cleaned regularly. Please do your part by sanitizing your hands frequently and if you see the cleaners working hard, thank them because they’re the ones keeping the new Go Box and Super Bowl bathrooms fresh and virus free.

Whitewater staff has also worked very hard to implement some key, less publicly known, changes to help ensure staff are safe and are doing their part as well.

All staff are required to complete a daily health check prior to arriving at work. From first-year employees all the way up to the general manager, all staff must complete their health check prior to working. All employees have also signed a commitment to safety prior to beginning their employment with Whitewater Ski Resort that states that they will abide by government orders or risk disciplinary measures.

Whitewater has adjusted staff shifts this year to minimize touch points and contact between various departments. Scheduling changes have included ensuring staff are working in the same ‘pod’ as much as possible.

Reducing the Whitewater staff shuttle capacity while also increasing the number of shuttles available to help ensure staff don’t need to carpool. While taking the shuttle staff are required to wear a mask at all times and are instructed to sit as distant as possible. Staff shuttle times have also been adjusted to help keep each department together when taking the shuttle.

General staff training and all staff social events have been moved online / virtually. Staff stoke is important at Whitewater Ski Resort and this year is no different. From virtual trivia nights to online yoga, the Whitewater HR department has been working hard to keep staff trained, stoked, virtually social, all while being as safe as possible!

Remember it still is early season so please ski and ride with extra care! Things may be different at the resort and we will need everyone’s help this year but the snow will fall and the mountains will remain the same. Have a safe and enjoyable holiday season with all of us at Whitewater Ski Resort!