Students at LV Rogers high school have been busy out of the gates.

Students at LV Rogers high school have been busy out of the gates.

Great start to school year

The 2011-12 school year has arrived, and L.V. Rogers High School is presented with an abundance of new opportunities.

The 2011-12 school year has arrived, and L.V. Rogers High School is presented with an abundance of new opportunities, students, and staff members.

With a brand new grade entering, the hallways are scattered with fresh young faces, along with the older more accustomed LVR representatives. Anxious excitement seems to illuminate from almost all students as they get introduced to their semester courses, and are reacquainted to classmates not seen through the summer vacation. Adventurous summer stories reverberate through the corridors, which are once again alive with activity.


The addition of a brand new principal to the LV administration, Tim Huttemann, makes students thrilled about introducing themselves, as he has a friendly and inviting personality.

Vice principals Mr. Marisco and Mr. Mushumanski agree that Huttemann is a well experienced principal, and a social and highly comical person. Huttemann has a background at Stanley Humphries in Castlegar where he led the school with the same enthusiasm that he brings to LV.

He is often found wandering into classes and quietly listening in on the lessons, as he believes it is important for him to know the school’s curriculum.


With courses decided, the teachers have prepared the term’s outline and the first units have begun. Some students are finding it harder than others to get back to the regular school routine, as their minds still remain in summer mode, but soon as the weeks progress, the days will become more ordinary and classroom focus will return.


The LV rugby team has advanced its experience by offering all committed players to join Rugby Academy. This new opportunity will be quite similar to the other academies proposed, such as soccer and dance with the teams meeting for mid-day practices during school.

Mr. Joyce, head coach of the LVR rugby team, is confident that the new academy will drastically improve the team’s performance, and proclaims that they are going in a positive direction. The players say that they enjoy the extra practice time, and that Rugby Academy is a perfect installment to the school’s athletic department.

They have been following a specific guideline, covering all aspects of the sport, with many new techniques that the players have never used, and they are excited to test them out when the spring season approaches.


Along with a new principal and sports additions, the school has also installed four security cameras around the school. The cameras were put up to stop the spread of vandalism which tolled in at over $10,000 in damages last year.


As for the new grads, the students are shaking down old rivalries which once, as all grades experience, results in a lack of cooperation and community between them. With the realization that this will be the final high school year, the majority of the 12s have dropped their immature nature, and the grade has a new sense of unity that has not been seen throughout all 11 prior years.

The opinion that the more connected the grade is the more fun and organized the grad activities will be is shared fully, and there are rarely any grads who do not feel free enough to present ideas for improvement.

The year has started very well for LV Rogers, and if everything continues at this level we are sure for a quick and enjoyable school year.


Cam Olson is a Grade 12 L.V. Rogers student who will keep readers informed about the high school once a month