A good looking slug. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

A good looking slug. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Hugs and Slugs: Bad cyclists, meter feeder angels

The complaints tied the compliments this time around

HUGS: To the person who found my purse forgotten by me in a local grocery store cart and brought it to the lost and found of the store a great big thank you. It is so very good to know that there are still good and honest people.

SLUGS: To the many cyclists who treat STOP signs as a suggestions and then finger the motorist. To the many motorists who veer into the opposing lane to get around a cyclist, when you have an obstacle in your lane you do NOT get to run me off the road.

SLUGS: To neighbours who leave their bags of garbage outside for bears and/or dogs to drag into my yard to clean up. We are in bear country.

HUGS: To the workers who worked on the roads over night. Thank you for all your hard work.

SLUGS: A huge pile of ugly slugs to the person(s) responsible for desecrating my family memorial for the third time. Please be kinder to those left behind. My heart is sick.

HUGS: To the meter feeder angels outside the restaurant. I was going to take a chance and hope for no ticket as I didn’t have any change. Thanks for turning my bad day at work into a fun lunch among colleagues with your generous spirit.