Hugs for the win!

Hugs for the win!

HUGS AND SLUGS: Good neighbours, patient strangers, bad bus drivers

Hugs eked out the slugs this week

HUGS: To our fabulous “Nutty Neighbours” who surprised us with a shower of best wishes in a glow-in-the-dark parade complete with pot-banging, sounding of the conch shell and poetry we enjoyed from the deck. Thank you, what a wonderful way to celebrate with us and send us on our way! Love, the Honeymooners

HUGS: To the couple who were blocked in by our large service truck one evening while we dealt with a sewer problem. It’s rare for us to encounter such friendly, patient and understanding residents. Thank you!

SLUGS: To the two school bus drivers who disobeyed the rules and put children at risk.

SLUGS: To those self-absorbed people who buy a $2 coffee in our local coffee shops and assume that entitles them to a four-person table for an hour or two. With the reduced seating capacity due to current health rules you are costing the shop precious income. Show some consideration and keep your stay brief. Very brief.

HUGS: To the very busy staff at Mark’s for their patience as I attempted to reach BCAA for help to retrieve my keys locked in my car. Help arrived quickly and all was well!