Just look at this slimy big boi. Photo: Petr Ganaj/Pexels

Just look at this slimy big boi. Photo: Petr Ganaj/Pexels

HUGS AND SLUGS: No love for dog owners

But plenty of hugs for firefighters, police and vets

HUGS: To a local veterinary clinic and a certain veterinary technician in particular who is kind, knowledgeable, and totally tolerant of my persistent questions and concerns. From a very grateful dog mom. Thank you!

HUGS: To all the fire fighters who attended the blaze at Kokanee on July 22. You hit it hard and got it out to which we are all so thankful.

SLUGS: To the people in the BC Forest Service who endanger us and our property by deactivating and closing forestry roads. Our wildfire response often takes much longer while we wait for heavy equipment to be brought in to reopen these roads so that crews and equipment can access wild fires.

SLUGS: To people who pick up their dog poo then leave it on the trail in a plastic bag. Just leave it alone or move it off the trail if you can’t carry the bag with you. Poo will eventually biodegrade, plastic never will!

HUGS: To the Nelson City Police. Talk about above and beyond! Thank you so much for helping me when I called at 4 a.m. after I got sick on COVID shot two. You are like no other I have seen.

SLUGS: To the dog owner who continues to take advantage of the generosity of her dog walker. Shame on you.

SLUGS: To the car that came screaming around the corner at the Husky station on July 23 around 11:15 p.m. and came very close to smashing into me. Slow down before you kill someone!

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