Slimmer Waste’s Lyne Chartier (left) and Marie-Paule Berthiaume. Photo: Masa Suzuki

Slimmer Waste’s Lyne Chartier (left) and Marie-Paule Berthiaume. Photo: Masa Suzuki

Meet environmental challenges with virtual workshop

It’s the first meeting of the bilingual For Our Kids group

Submitted by Slimmer Waste

You are invited to the launch of a bilingual environmental organization Mères au front | For Our Kids – Nelson chapter, the first of its kind.

Mères au front already operates in Québec while For Our Kids runs at a national level. As both organizations represent parents, grandparents and other community members ready to take action, it seemed quite natural to unite their forces. Co-founders Lyne Chartier and Marie-Paule Berthiaume will facilitate the launch of this new group.

Mères au front | For Our Kids – Nelson will be educating its members about local environmental challenges and plans underway. Both Mères au front and For Our Kids organizations will support in making resources available to us so that our group can reach out to our elected officials for updates, questions and comments on climate policies.

The launch will be taking place on May 16 via Zoom. This meeting will lay the foundation of a regular meeting schedule. We hope the group will allow itself to think outside the box so this meeting becomes a refreshing experience.

This first meeting will feature an audio-visual story about the 5Rs (refuse, reduce, reuse, recycle, rot) created by Marie-Paule Berthiaume. You will discover the characters created by LouisFortierDESIGN, be inspired by beautiful images and by the soundscape. This short story created for school age kids presents symbols of British Columbia.

Lyne and Marie-Paule would like to thank you in advance for your participation. The future of our kids deserves a small piece of our precious time.

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