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Meet the future, gain wisdom

For the second year in a row, Self Design High is hosting a TEDx even

For the second year in a row, Self Design High is hosting a TEDx event.

TEDx is an evening of presentations on a particular theme from a host of diverse perspectives.

Set for the evening of April 26 at the Capitol Theatre, this year’s event boasts a rich roster of Nelson area speakers including Brent Cameron, Rosalyn Grady, Robyn Sheppard, Fred Rosenberg, Gary Ockenden, Marcelle Edwards and more.

The theme for the TEDx event this year is Through the Crucible. Our idea is that real change in the world is a process that encounters moments of transformation when what we think we know is shattered to make way for something new. Moving through such experiences offers the opportunity to gain wisdom that is otherwise unattainable. We meet the future as it emerges.

In these times of accelerated change (weather, politics, cultures, technology, work), we can choose to participate in an emerging global transformation by bringing awareness to how real change occurs; we can bear witness to what must die in order to transform and rise again in the world as possibility.

The crucible is a place that many now experience with increasing frequency. The fire of this experience separates the dross and clarifies new ways of knowing and participating in the world.

This experience invites us to stay present in the discomfort of not knowing as we co-create, step by step, the human tapestry that will support a new way of being, both locally and globally.

This year’s speakers bring their own perspectives to this theme and will draw on their personal experiences as they share the inspirations and resolutions to be awake and engaged in an emerging world.

Our event is free and we are grateful for any donations that folks offer to cover the cost of the venue. Our only requirement is that you stay for the duration of the event. There will be breaks, refreshments and even artistic activities for all to participate in if they choose.

The TEDx event begins at 6:30 p.m. For more information on this year’s theme and presenters visit