Nelson-Creston MLA Michelle Mungall will be passing on her wedding wisdom to brides across the province.

Nelson-Creston MLA Michelle Mungall will be passing on her wedding wisdom to brides across the province.

Mungall passes on wedding wisdom

Local MLA shows up on BC Bridal Guide for her 100 MIle wedding feast effort

When MLA Michelle Mungall commissioned a report on the region’s food systems from UBC grad student Paris Marshall-Smith, she knew that she would be referring back to it many times for guidance on how to best support and advocate for local farmers and food producers in the region. When it came time to plan her 2011 wedding with her partner, Zak, she took to heart a recommendation from the report identifying “education as the critical issue in enhancing the local food system.” Born from this was her 100 Mile wedding feast challenge.

“My husband Zak and I have been applying the principals of the 100 Mile Diet as much as possible in our lives,” says Mungall. “ For our wedding, we wanted to both show our commitment to our values and show off our region by treating our wedding guests with a meal on hundred percent source in BC, and mostly from the Kootenays.”

Mungall’s wedding planning caught the attention of the British Columbia produced BC Bridal Guide and she was asked to contribute her story to the 2012 Guide. The article, entitled ‘The Best Wedding Feast is Within 100 Miles’ highlights both the challenges and successes of working with local seasonal offerings.

“I think the most successful planning incorporates the ability to go with the flow. We had some challenges with a late season affecting what was available when we needed it. But working with our talented caterer, Annie Bailey, we managed a beautiful meal with the freshest of local ingredients,” says Mungall.

The article ends with a list of the Mungall’s Top Five Tips For Your 100 Mile Wedding Feast, tips that could be used no matter how many people you are trying to feed.

“The common theme here is to educate yourself about what is on offer in your region and then spread the word to others,” says Mungall, “You won’t be disappointed.

To view the article online visit or drop by Mungall’s Nelson office at 204-402 Baker Street and pick up a magazine.