Laura Zeman

Laura Zeman

Opportunity for Kootenay youth to be leaders

Young Leaders Connection is aimed at young people between the ages of 16 and 24 towards self and social responsibility.

A new locally grown youth leadership program has been launched with a focus on developing self-mastery through emotional intelligence development.

Called Young Leaders Connection, the program aims young people between the ages of 16 and 24 towards self and social responsibility, community engagement, and leadership.

“With an idle market saturated with job seekers, Young Leaders Connection steps up to the gate offering an opportunity for youth to raise their own bar and be leaders of their own learning,” says Laura Zeman, the designer and facilitator of Young Leaders Connection. “Through a fun, creative and engaging approach, participants can leverage information and tools for their personal and professional development.”

Zeman is a consultant who operates Engalen, a Nelson-based company that focuses on leadership, communication and emotional intelligence development. With a passion for leadership and motivation to make a difference, Zeman designed Young Leaders Connection as a way to support youth in developing their leadership styles and capacity as well as inspire youth to take on leadership roles.

For 2015, this unique and dynamic program is being offered through partnerships with Engalen, Selkirk College and the Kootenay Career Development Society.

With Selkirk College as the facilitation partner and Kootenay Career Development Society as the program sponsor, this spring’s program is primed for a fun and engaging and impactful adventure.

Kootenay Career Development Society is sponsoring 100 per cent of Young Leaders Connection participant fees for the first 20 youth. The program includes two full days of training seminars on emotional intelligence leadership and communication, yoga, creative visioning, goal setting, and a community service learning project. Upon completion, participants will receive a certificate.

Young Leaders Connection offers two separate streams of learning, one for young women and one for young men (ages 16-24).

“Young Leaders Connection is seeking partnerships that share a common vision,” says Zeman. “Our goal is to continue offering affordable, practical and powerful learning experiences to youth, so that they can catapult themselves into realizing their full potential.”

The program will take place at the Selkirk College’s Mir Centre for Peace on the Castlegar campus. The young women’s workshop is May 16 and June 6. The young men’s workshop is May 17 and June 7.