Nelson Community Services wants your input on its parenting support service. Photo: Pixabay

Nelson Community Services wants your input on its parenting support service. Photo: Pixabay

Parenting support and change at Nelson Community Services

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The winds of change have come to Nelson Community Services’ parenting support service.

For many decades this agency has provided open and accessible parent programming throughout the Nelson area. But after 25 years of counselling parents and supporting families, Liz Amaral retired in March 2021. Liz assisted parents in identifying dynamics so that they could see their children from the inside out in ways that made sense of attachments.

A practical example of this was illustrated in the following note she received from a family, written by a child about their parent that summarized Liz’s parental paradigm:

“[Your] love is like a nightlight because it shines through the darkest nights; love is like that when you are having a sad time in your life love shines through. It gets rid of the spookiness of your bedroom – love is like when you are scared it gives you the warmth inside of you to keep going.”

Parents will miss Liz’s deep understanding of families.

With the retirement and a shift in funding, Nelson Community Services is working with our team and community partners to redevelop services to fill the gap that Liz’s retirement leaves.

NCS is working to create new support services and resources for parents. This new programming will hopefully be launched in the new school year. Nelson Community Services would like to hear from the community regarding their parent support needs. The planned individual and group parenting support would be educational in nature and discuss theory and practice. This service would not be a counselling approach.

Please visit the Nelson Community Services website to take part in a short survey, which should take two-to-four minutes to complete.