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Science, dance, and Facebook

What’s Happening at L.V. Rogers with Kaitlyn Foot

So, we’ve got some great fundraisers and voting coming up in the next couple of months. Let’s get right down to business...

LVR is getting the chance to go greener this year, and thanks to Mr. Afford, we’re in a position to receive $1,000 for the greenhouse and school garden project, but we need votes! Please go to the Science World’s BC Green Games website, to register and vote. It’s quick and easy and a wonderful opportunity for everyone in the community to help LVR make a difference to our precious earth for years to come.

Also, a big thank you goes out to the Grade 9/10 leadership class who helped to put together the Pink Shirt Day in support of the nation-wide anti-bullying campaign. Over 400 students and staff participated and declared any bullying at the school to be unacceptable in any way. The group will also be releasing their findings on a survey they put together about attitudes and understanding about bullying and harassment.

The LVR dance program is experiencing something of great importance to them: Movement 2011, happening this week. The aspiring dancers of LVR will have a chance to work and by mentored by Josh Beamish, the artistic director of Move: The Company. Josh is one of Canada’s most talented and aspiring choreographers, having worked on the popular show, So You Think You Can Dance and Cirque de Soleil. Move is a contemporary dance company that is based in Vancouver and works to bring the national arts scene to the dancers at our school and inspire them to use contemporary dance to express themselves and bring about positive change. The project has been in the making for almost a year now, and has been supported by the Osprey Community Foundation and Artstarts.

A couple of weeks ago some of our visually impaired students, Matty McRory and Courtland Northcott, took part in a wonderful outdoor adventure that happened in Salmo, called Project Adventure: Kids and Canines Connecting. Thank you to Sofeya Devji, our teacher for the visually impaired, for organizing this experience for them. There’s a great article about the whole event on the school website. Go check it out.

There are a few more scholarships up for grabs this month, all of which are up on the school website, under Student Info in the sidebar, then click on Scholarships. Quite possibly the biggest one I’ve ever seen is available now, called the “Year of Science”, which is working to encourage more students to enter the field of science in their post-secondary programs and careers. There is a $25,000 scholarship available to the student who wins the Year of Science video contest. Students are told to come up with cool ideas for a science experiment that addresses a myth or fairytale. A winning video is chosen each month and then the experiment is performed by professional scientists. The grand prize winner will be chosen in June, and will be awarded with, I repeat, $25,000!

All of this is on the school website (, also on Facebook, and now, we are officially on Twitter as well. For any parents who are trying to figure out Facebook and having a hard time, some teachers and librarians at the school have created an Ins & Outs of Facebook Guide. Now you can finally figure out what the big deal is and what your kids are talking about all the time.

Kaitlyn Foot is a Grade 12 student at L.V. Rogers. Her column is featured twice a month in the Nelson Star.