Marilyn McCombe

Marilyn McCombe

SEEDS tours being offered on Canada Day

Since SEEDs’ inception 18 months ago, this is the first summer for SEEDS to grow organic food, both indoors and outdoors.

The Seniors Economic Environment Development Society (SEEDS) Greenhouse nutritional produce programs are spilling out the doors and into a new outdoor gardening area at Lakeside Park.

Since SEEDs’ inception 18 months ago, this is the first summer for SEEDS to grow organic food, both indoors and outdoors.

Located between the rowing club and the tennis courts, SEEDS Community Outdoor Gardens present activity and vibrant gardens to all who pass by.

Eight senior gardeners have procured a share in the gardens to receive organic seeds, plant starts, soil, and instruction to grow a wide-range of organic vegetables, flowers and berries during the summer.

Some of this abundance includes multi-colour lettuces, kale, chard, squash, tomatoes, cucumber, herbs, carrots and beets.

Each senior has committed to contributing a portion of their harvest to those in need.

Other initiatives including rows of raspberry canes, beans, heritage flowers, and peas have already begun to flourish along the fences, attracting wild pollinators to feast.

The Community Outdoor Gardens is cared for by the seniors, various interested volunteers, and overseen by a part-time assistant gardener. The array of colours and aromas is intoxicating.

The Greenhouse is busy doing its part too.

Hot Mediterranean crops suited for yummy Greek salad are in full swing and are literally hanging from the rafters and shooting out of pots.

SEEDS is excited, in particular, to learn how succulent melons and egg plant fare in the Greenhouse as a new experiment.

SEEDS hosted five schools since March to early June seeing over 200 youth and children during that time.

So much interest has been growing from the schools and initiated by teachers for their students to experience learning provided by senior volunteer mentors.

With the new Community Outdoor Gardens, there is considerable interest for children to take part this summer.

SEEDS welcomes everyone to come by its colorful table on Canada Day.

Look for the banner, and volunteers in SEED aprons and sign up for a garden tour offered from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Volunteers will  be happy to provide information, raffle tickets and memberships. Anyone with questions about SEEDS can email or call Lee Reid, program coordinator at 250-352-3870.