Stores To Shores traffic reconfigurations underway

Mayor praises progress, asks for patience in preparation for major, temporary detours around NDCC, Front, Vernon and Lake streets.

As part of the Stores To Shores Downtown Revitalization

As part of the Stores To Shores Downtown Revitalization

With the first major step taken in Hall Street Corridor project, Mayor Deb Kozak says she’s very pleased with the progress being made on the Stores To Shores Downtown Revitalization effort.

“The project is a major undertaking. It’s the largest construction effort the City of Nelson has tackled in 30 years, “ says Mayor Kozak, “Considering its scope, the incredibly  antiquated and un-mapped infrastructure our contractor is finding below grade, and the number of businesses we’re working right out front of, it’s all going well. The contractor is working at full speed.”

“We’re asking for everyone’s patience and understanding as we start the next phase of the construction on the Vernon Street intersection and the 300 block of Hall Street.” says Kozak. “This is short term pain for tremendous long term gain.”

The Mayor notes that while the temporary street closures and detouring are going to take a bit of getting used to, once the project is completed, traffic in and out of the downtown core is going to be smoother, and safer.

The first major traffic route change went into effect last Friday, with the closure of a portion of Cedar Street to traffic travelling downhill from Vernon Street. That route is now a one-way up in the narrow section of Cedar, between the 900 block of Edgewood and Vernon. The balance of Cedar remains two way.  The City is test driving this change as part of the detouring plan during the closure of the 300 block of Hall Street.

Within the next few weeks, turning bays will be painted on Front Street to facilitate left hand turns onto Cedar in both directions.

“This next phase tackles the most challenging part of the project,” says Kozak, “That’s the steep section of Hall Street from Vernon past the intersection of Lake Street and the development of the new entrance to the NDCC.”

“We’re asking drivers to be prepared for these temporary interruptions, as they will require a little extra traveling time.”

Slated to begin the week of July 6, the 300 block of Hall will be closed from Vernon to the north side of Lake Street, so that crews can replace the underground infrastructure down the hill, and lower the entire Vernon/Hall intersection by a meter, making site lines far better for drivers and pedestrians.

That means access to the Nelson and District Community Complex will be reduced to the rear entrance — off Cedar, via Front. Additional parking will also be available in the gravel lot at the corner of Front and Hall.

The Nelson and District Chamber of Commerce, Visitor Information Centre and Nelson Kootenay Lake Tourism will remain open and can be accessed off the bottom portion of Hall Street.

Lake Street will remain open but is only accessible off Ward and Front streets.

A map of the temporary routes during this portion of the construction can be accessed on the City’s web page at and on our Store to Shores Facebook page.

As they have for businesses and residents farther up Hall, and on Baker and Vernon streets, Maglio Installations and the City of Nelson will be providing regular updates to everyone, with weekly bulletins or door-to-door daily updates whenever necessary.

Any businesses or residents with inquiries can:

· Call the City of Nelson at 250-352-8238

· E-mail

· Click on the Stores to Shores Facebook page

· Call Maglio Installations’ communication liaison at 250-354-3438

· And for businesses aiming to address any dip in customer traffic, click for helpful marketing and communications tips during the construction period.