Which company constructed the Ladybird?

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In honour of Heritage Week (February 17-23), Patricia Rogers on behalf of Touchstones Nelson has created the 2014 Heritage Week Quiz.

In honour of Heritage Week (February 17-23), Patricia Rogers on behalf of Touchstones Nelson has created the 2014 Heritage Week Quiz.

Good luck.


1. Where was the world speed record, on water, unofficially set in the summer of 1933?

a) Mirror Lake b) Kootenay Lake c) Slocan Lake


2. What was the name of the boat, which unofficially set the world speed record, for her class, in the summer of 1933?

a) Mercury II b) Ladybird c) Rabbit


3. Which company constructed the Ladybird?

a) Walton’s Boat Works b) Nelson’s Shipyards c) Granville Island boats


4. How big was the rooster tail “shot” by the Ladybird?

a) 20 feet b) 24 feet c) 18 feet


5. What type of engine was fitted into the Ladybird?

a) Merlin b) Liberty c) Mohawk


6. When did the Ladybird retire?

a) 1953 b) 1966 c) 1941


7. When was the Nelson Bridge opened for traffic?

a) November 7, 1957 b) September 9, 1962 c) June 1, 1947


8. What was used prior to the Nelson Bridge?

a) cable ferries b) a motorized raft c) a paddlewheeler


9. When did the Nelson Bridge become BOB (the big orange bridge)?

a) late 1960s b) late 1970s c) late 1950s


10. What natural event was reported on January 29, 1893?

a) avalanche b) lake frozen over c) ice storm


11. Which paddlewheeler sank on Kootenay Lake in 1898?

a) SS City of Ainsworth b) SS Kuskanook c) SS Nelson


12. What other name was given to Lakeside Park?

a) Connaught Park b) Ferndale Park c) Tramway Park


13. What was the name of the first major sternwheeler on Kootenay Lake?

a) SS Nelson b) SS Moyie c) SS Nasookin


14. What was the name of the last ship built at the original Nelson Shipyards?

a) Melinda Jane b) Hosmer c) Grant Hall


15. What was the name of the first steam powered boat to work on Kootenay Lake?

a) SS Midge b) SS Galena c) SS Marion


16. Which sternwheeler was sunk at Kokanee Landing?

a) SS Nelson b) SS Kuskanook c) SS City of Ainsworth


17. When was Lakeside Park created?

a) 1906 b) 1900 c) 1921


18. How long is the Nelson Bridge?

a) 800 meters b) 1000 meters c) 600 meters


19. Until what year were tolls paid on the Nelson Bridge?

a) 1964 b) 1960 c) 1962


20. Who was the first person to walk backwards across the Nelson Bridge?

a) Henry Stevenson b) Edward Baravalle c) George Coletti



1. c) Kootenay Lake. The unofficial record set was 68 miles per hour.


2. b) Ladybird. Owned by local barber Lewis Gilbert, she was constructed in 1922.


3. a) Walton Boat Works. Located along the original shore between the Kootenay Launch Club and Chahko Mika Mall.


4. c) 18 feet. The rooster tail caused many excited gasps from the crowds.


5. b) Liberty. A popular engine during World War I was made in the US.


6. b) 1966. The boat was later donated by then owners Mr. and Mrs. McDonald to the local museum where it was restored and is cared for.


7. a) November 7, 1957. The Nelson Bridge, originally silver, was opened to great fanfare.


8. a) Cable ferries. They were in use from 1913 to 1957.


9. a) Late 1960s. Jack Kelsall with the Department of Highways gave the final consent for the painting.


10. b) Lake frozen over. The west arm of Kootenay Lake became so thick with ice that no boat could get within 12 miles of Nelson for eight weeks.


11. a) SS City of Ainsworth. The ship was caught in a storm on November 29, 1898 and nine men lost their lives.


12. a) Connaught Park. In honour of the Governor General’s visit in 1912.


13. a) SS Nelson. It was 40 meters long and eight meters wide and worked on the lake from 1891 to 1913.


14. a) Melinda Jane. Worked on Kaslo and Lardeau runs from 1958 to 1977.


15. a) SS Midge. Arrived from England in 1884 and worked the lake until 1894.


16. b) SS Kuskanook. Worked the lake from 1906 until 1931 when the extension of the rail line from Procter to Kootenay Landing was complete.


17. a) 1906. The park was expanded in 1912.


18. a) 800 meters. The bridge cost $4 million to construct in 1957.


19. a) 1964. The tolls were discontinued when the Salmo-Creston highway, mostly known as Kootenay Pass was completed.


20. b) Edward Baravalle. He was leading the Nelson High School band on opening day.


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